Diary of a Devon Landlady


It’s now Wednesdays Morning – just! and it’s the first time I ‘ve posted in over a week, I know there’s been exceptional circumstances but I really do need a harsh talk to myself!

So in this more organised and focused me, I decided that I need to spend more time on the web researching – pubs, the industry, f/b links etc!  My lovely social media guru Tamar Valley Girl sent a great idea to me letting the customers choose the next gueat ale, how does she come across this stuff! Plus she won me tickets to an amazing festival this weekend via Twitter – we’re not going!!

So that’s what I’ve done! But I did fall down at the first hurdle! I couldn’t register on a website called pubutopia!, but I didn’t give up I went to their f/b page instead, yes it does link to some interesting articles and I will try and sign up tomorrow, it would be good to help the old SEO! But as yet I haven’t found anything as exciting as Tamar Valley Girl! But you may get a giggle from this thread I found regarding TripAdvisor.  Night all x

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