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Present Reflection🎁🛍🎁

So 3 years ago today we were getting ready to meet our 4th little bundle of joy!  Some days it feels yesterday other days it seems like a lifetime ago!

As I look at the preparations for tomorrow I feel a little disappointed, I don’t feel like it’s enough!  – This feeling had probably heightened by the power FB! But having done this numerous times now I know we have gone OTT in the past -sometimes probably to make up for the lack of time with them, sometimes because I just want to see their little excited faces.

I can admit that I am falliable, I’m sure many parents can resonate with this!  Last years birthday though was just too much for little Connie, so much so when asked what she would like for her birthday this year the answer has ALWAYS been  – “nothing” Do you a Peppa Pig cake? “No” – what about a Ben & Holly cake? – “No”

So I do know in my heart of hearts that what has been arranged by us & family IS enough!

I do wish though that I had had  been more disciplnef with Birthdays in the past, I’m sure the kids would disagree.

I regularly see online about memory box’s for young children, letters, small token gestures etc, to be given to them on a significant Birthday, but this isn’t something new, my parents did it for me – I have a scrapbook with all my Birthday cards in from childhood and whilst they were never intended as messages for me on my significant Birthday, I have always had treasured them, and they have lasted longer than any gift given to me!  All our kids birthday cards have been kept and are waiting to be stuck into a scrapbook!

As I’ve written this Blog entry it’s really hit home that presents aren’t everything, if I’d been told that on my 6th or 7th Birthday though I would have disagreed! So there had to be a balance.

But now I must finish reflecting as tomorrow I’ve a cake to decorate and some willpower to find- so I don’t buy her (many) more presents! – Nite x

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