Diary of a Devon Landlady

Phone Nightmare!

So much has happened in the last few days for our family, but that’s for another day. But just to top off the week and a amazingly busy weekend, we have had no phones since approx 10pm on Fri evening! So many apologies to those trying to contact both the pub and us as a family! Not only has it effected this weekends bookings, tomorrow’s order of food – desparately needed I haste to add, isn’t guaranteed!, grovelling to HMRC is priority tomorrow as I couldn’t get the access code to login to my account to declare our quarterly VAT!!

The response from the phone provider over the weekend – we are closed until Monday! Some help that is!!! Aahhh.

That’s it I’m off to bed – ready to to battle in the morning – next week has got to be better! X

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