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New Year Resolutions!


So having not posted for over 6 months, my blog along with many other items, was on a “New Years Resolutions” List. Now it has to be said that this list really is quite long! But I’m not treating it as a must start on the 1st of Jan List, and this is where I hope that this may be a sucessful strategy! things I want to change within the year, but not all at once!

So now having been open almost a whole week, we’re shattered! It has been a great week though, I don’t know how to explain the buzz and excitement of hosting events, like the after show party of the village Panto and the Pie & Porter weekend this weekend. I don’t think being more organised would make it as much fun as  we both do seem to run on adrenalin!








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  1. Michaela

    Cannot wait for pie weekend!!! 🤗


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