Diary of a Devon Landlady

Monday’s Planning

This weekend has been a reality check that it’s the start of summer! But in a way that makes me realise why I do what I do!

This week I have met many tourists of many nationalities, we’ve had amazing musicians on both Sat & Sun, and cooked fish that a customer caught! The interaction with all our customers for so many different reasons, can sometimes just make it all feel worthwhile!

This week is looking pretty manic, water sports at the end of it and an imminent trip up north on Thursday I need to plan!  I do plan, but sometimes life throws a spanner into the works! Without sounding trivial with everything else going on in everybody’s lives at the moment, todays revelation has caused all of next weeks plans to be thrown into disarray when I found out that the Cornish term is a week later than Devons.

I know small deal, but I now have undo the planning and redo the planning- so much planning!!!!!

But it’s only Monday and seeing it’s relatively early I’m going to do some work – or maybe just skive off watching TV!

night X

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