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Being Organised!

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So in my attempt of organisation, I have already got Libby’s school pinafores for next year – impressive Eh!

Now I’m not stupid I’ve always known about internet shopping but I’ve always felt that there’s something fun and interactive about a day out shopping, but this is far more time effective! I’m not going to give these fun days out (mainly with the girls it has to be said) up, but I am going to do more online. So far I have used a supermarket site and picked up in-store, this worked well and I do like the idea of just returning to a in-store drop off point if they needed to be returned. I’m due another delivery next week, so we’ll see how that goes! I guess I’ve always been hesitant as if there is an issue with the items they then have to be returned and with my posting history I would end up with more clothes that fit no-one !

I’ve always used the internet for pub stuff! and specialised items, but have tended to steer away from it for “us” as I can see the addiction in internet shopping, tonight I checked my order status and was side tracked into looking at clothes for the kids! – but I do like the idea of being more selective and finding the item whatever it is that I exactly want rather than just making do as thats all there is in the shop!

Tonight though, after a enjoyably busy evening it has been nice to take an hour out shopping for myself and the family!   Night


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