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Baby Steps……

So I did mention in my last blog that I was treating new year resolutions with a bigger perspective as oppose to immediate! But I never said what any of them were!

So Number 1 on the list is to have a home not a house by the end of the year!

This week has seen me finally get on top of the washing! I’m now having time to actually attack items which have been either vandalised by children or just need attention! Its really becoming quite obsessive! Especially as I’ve found a vanish product which actually works (how sad is that!)
Ted has started on an airing cupboard so I hope that by the end of Feb there won’t be any items of linen/clothes to be seen!  I blame the internet! (as it can’t be from the many shopping trips I do!)
I see so many lovely things on Etsy, pinterest, FB and utube that I either want to try or think will be nice in our home – so the baby steps have started! Watch this space, whilst I won’t embarrass myself with the before pictures I hope to be able to post the after photos!


  1. Margaret Buckel

    I know how busy your life is Sarah. Taking baby steps is a great way of sticking with resolutions. I think I will join you and put my house to rights this year too!

  2. Helen Young

    Good luck with the clearing. My New Year resolution is to be positive and do something to push my life forward everyday. It can be as small as putting a hook up and only take a few minutes or something that can take all day. It just depends what i have time for. So far it is working pretty well!!! Small steps!! Best wishes, Helen

  3. Sharon

    Good luck with everything!
    We are moving in next Monday and I envisage that we will
    Be lucky to have unpacked and straight by Christmas
    Haha 😱.
    See you soon


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