Diary of a Devon Landlady

And another month is almost gone!

So I had typed a post up a week or so ago but it was full of woe and illness!  I thought I’d saved it as a draft to be edited once I had a more humorous head on, only to find its been lost in the universe somewhere!

So instead I am going to rave about our new gin from Tarquins, – Crocus, Almond & Rose, we tasted it at the trade show a couple of weeks ago – many of you tarquins-cornish-crocus-gin-gkknow I’m no gin connoisseur, but we were given it neat to drink (which I’m always very apprehensive about) it was so smooth, I presume the oil from the almonds softens the alcohol and it slipped down oh too easily. We’ve been waiting for the brewery to deliver it ever since and it certainly has been popular especially when served in. the lovely cola glasses they gave us, I’m being very restrained and keeping my hands off so other customer get a chance to try it, well at least until I get another bottle in!

So the end of half term sees us having to return to a more normal routine (if there is such a thing) and life is generally quite positive, I’m sure a brown HMRC letter will soon send me over the edge, but until that happens our 10year anniversary is looming in the horizon and theres lots of planning, creating and baking to be done – and a few heated discussions to be had with regards to catering, budget and decor! In the meantime I’m off to make the little ones hot chocolate before bed and drench the littlest in Hydrocortisone cream and dermabase after a really bad reaction to chlorine after swimming!



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