Diary of a Devon Landlady

A Trip Up North


Apologies for the delay in posting, I arrived back from up north a little tireder than anticipated!

Firstly, I’m pleased to say that whilst my Aunts recovery may take a while, she is definitely on the mend and so pleased to see Connie & I. I’ve promised to go back up when she is allowed home to take her to the ACW Garden Centre, I hope this will give her the incentive to work hard at physio & speech therapy etc!

I’ve mentioned before about the stability of my childhood and I guess Bradford is very much a corner stone of my childhood. My Nan, Great Grandad, Aunt, Uncle & cousin have all lived in Bradford since I was born! Trips up North were a common occurrence, subsequently the landscape has been embedded in me – It really is something else. The imposing derelict mills must have seemed enormous to me as child, now I look at them all covered in soot and my imagination runs wild of what life must have been like back then. I know Bradford isn’t the only City like it, but its the city that I know!

I am hopeless when it comes to driving in unknown cities, but over the last 40 years there are certain junctions and landmarks which have always been there, and never changed which bring back memories, – like taking my Nan to the “Tramshed” with the older 2, back in 2004 for lunch!- Nan couldn’t get over the ball pool play area for the children! I haven’t been back since my Nan died in 2008 but going back this week, there was that familiarity, like a long lost friend, (even if it isn’t the prettiest!). I’m sure everyone has these places and there is something which makes them more special as the years go by, which in itself makes me feel old!

But enough of this reminiscing, its 5.49 and I’ve a pub to open!

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