Diary of a Devon Landlady

Behind the scenes at The Olde Plough Inn, Bere Ferrers

Otis – The Pub Dog!

The lambs are now in the fields, the daffodils are out along with the crocus and other flowers I don’t know the name of, but the weather is winter! We had to cancel most of our anniversary celebrations due to…
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And another month is almost gone!

So I had typed a post up a week or so ago but it was full of woe and illness!  I thought I’d saved it as a draft to be edited once I had a more humorous head on, only…
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Baby Steps……

So I did mention in my last blog that I was treating new year resolutions with a bigger perspective as oppose to immediate! But I never said what any of them were! So Number 1 on the list is to…
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New Year Resolutions!

So having not posted for over 6 months, my blog along with many other items, was on a “New Years Resolutions” List. Now it has to be said that this list really is quite long! But I’m not treating it as…
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Present Reflection🎁🛍🎁

So 3 years ago today we were getting ready to meet our 4th little bundle of joy!  Some days it feels yesterday other days it seems like a lifetime ago! As I look at the preparations for tomorrow I feel…
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It’s now Wednesdays Morning – just! and it’s the first time I ‘ve posted in over a week, I know there’s been exceptional circumstances but I really do need a harsh talk to myself! So in this more organised and…
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Monday’s Planning

This weekend has been a reality check that it’s the start of summer! But in a way that makes me realise why I do what I do! This week I have met many tourists of many nationalities, we’ve had amazing…
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Together !

So after a lovely, if a bit hectic Friday evening, we’re are both actually watching sat together in the same room watching the same programme !  Night!


We are finally reconnected with the world, in other words our phone issue has now been resolved! Just another 2 days work to sort out the trail of destruction it’s caused. This week has consisted of 2 steps forward, 5…
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Phone Nightmare!

So much has happened in the last few days for our family, but that’s for another day. But just to top off the week and a amazingly busy weekend, we have had no phones since approx 10pm on Fri evening! So many apologies…
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A Trip Up North

Apologies for the delay in posting, I arrived back from up north a little tireder than anticipated! Firstly, I’m pleased to say that whilst my Aunts recovery may take a while, she is definitely on the mend and so pleased…
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Being Organised!

So in my attempt of organisation, I have already got Libby’s school pinafores for next year – impressive Eh! Now I’m not stupid I’ve always known about internet shopping but I’ve always felt that there’s something fun and interactive about…
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